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My Morning Routine

my morning routine

Warning: If I sound like a millennial in this post, its because I am and I can't help it...

I talk a lot about my morning routine and how it has had such a positive impact on my day, so I figured I would share exactly what my morning routine looks like. It is ever-changing, as life is ever-changing, but this is what it looks like right now:

My Morning Routine

  1. Get out of bed at 6:45
  2. Let Ava outside
  3. Go pee
  4. Turn on the radio
  5. Let Ava in
  6. Make my blended coffee
  7. Sit down on the couch and prop myself up
  8. Open my calm app on my phone do a meditation
  9. Write 3 things I am grateful for today in my gratitude journal
  10. Read daily devotional (I use the First 5 app)
  11. Read for 10 minutes (currently reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist)
  12. Get ready for work
  13. Take Ava to park

Every weekday morning, I wake up next to a curled up pup at 6:45. Waking up at that time ensures that I have enough time to complete my morning routine, with time to spare. When I get out of bed, I put my slippers on and head to the back door to let Ava outside to go to the bathroom. I then head to the bathroom myself. Once I am done, I turn on my record player, connect it to my phone, and put on WRCJ (classical days, jazzy nights) through the TuneIn app. Ava has been sitting (impatiently) at the back door during this time, so I let her in and give her what has been on her mind since the moment she woke up. FOOD. She loves to eat, just like her momma!

At this point, one of two things will happen and it all depends on if Justin made the coffee or not. If he did, which he usually does, I will craft my blended coffee (coffee, coconut cream, and collagen), pour it into my favorite mug (which changes based on my mood) and I will head to the couch to start my meditation.


The Calm App

I started meditating consistently using the Calm app back inFebruary, which is the time that I started a morning routine. I had dabbled inmeditation before, doing various guided meditations for 30 min at a time, butnever really had a consistent practice on until I established my morningroutine.

The Calm app offers the Daily Calm which is 10 minutes longand has a different theme or subject every day. This 10 minute meditation wasthe perfect way to ease into my meditation practice and still is how I meditateevery morning.

Getting into meditation wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t reallyeasy either. It took and still takes effort to calm my mind and focus on mybody and my breath. But as I strengthen those “meditation muscles”, I find thatI am less reactive, more mindful, and have a better understanding of myself andmy though patterns. Not only that, but I just feel really calm when I finish mymeditation practice. Somedays, that moment of calm is all I need.


gratitude journal

Once my meditation practice is over, I pull out this cutelittle gratitude journal and write down three things that I am grateful forthat day. Somedays, my gratitude overflows and writing down three things I amgrateful for is a piece of cake! Somedays, I can’t think of one thing, so I lookaround the house and grasp onto anything that gives me even an ounce of joy. IfI am feeling optimistic about the day or week ahead of me, I will givegratitude for something that hasn’t even happened yet. For example: I amgrateful for the productive day ahead of me.

Daily Devotional

First5 App

This is definitely something new to me. My faith and religionhas always revolved around music. The only time I was ever in church thinkingabout God was when I was singing in the choir. That was a HUGE part of my lifeand my faith from age 12 to 23, but life got busy and I decided to discontinuemy time in choir, and subsequently my faith. Finding my faith again has been challengingto say the least, but I am finding that simply spending a few minutes on practicingmy faith each morning has helped me rebuild it. I currently use the app First 5which is a daily devotional that is easy to follow and engaging to read. I haveonly been using it for about two weeks, so I can’t say whether I would recommendit or not, but so far, I like this addition to my morning routine.

Read for 10 minutes (or more)

For the month of September, I challenged myself to readevery morning for 10 minutes. For no reason in particular, other than wantingto read more. I will usually read a personal development book because starting offthe day learning how to be a better person is definitely a positive way tostart the day! Right now, I am finishing up Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. It is bothpersonal development and faith-based, so it’s a great follow-up to mydevotional.


Ava outside

Oncemy slow, introspective part of the morning has wrapped up, I make the bed, getdressed, pack my things, and pour the coffee I have left into a to-go mug.Then, I grab Ava’s collar and leash and get her all riled up to go to the park!We hop in the car and drive about 2 minutes (yes, I could totally walk, but I don’thave that kind of time), and head to our favorite park! As soon as I let Avaout of the car, she dashes to the nearest tree, hunting the squirrels nearby. Ilove this part of my morning routine.

Ilove being able to breath the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature (andthe highway), and I especially love watching Ava run around. She is so happythere and that makes me so happy. This is also the time where I will often hopon Instagram stories and check in. I call it my “walk and talks.” I love beingable to get whatever I’m thinking off my chest and I also love hearing myself talk,so it’s a win win. Being at this beautiful park with a happy pup is the icingon the cake.

WhileI have only been truly sticking to this exact routine for 2 months, I candefinitely feel a shift in my mood and my energy. Consistently practicing thismorning routine makes me feel so grounded and ready to conquer whatever the dayhas in store for me. I never feel flustered or anxious on my way into work(even when I am running late). I have been feeling more calm, more motivated, moregrateful, and just overall more happy. It’s amazing what spending a small partof your morning with intention, peace, and gratitude will do for your mood andoverall outlook every day. And just think, if you do a little something to makeevery day a little better, it will in turn make every week, month, and year a littlebetter too. Who doesn’t want that?


I propose a challenge to each and every one of you (if there is anyone of you) who is reading this blog to create a morning routine for yourself to do during the month of October.

Challenge yourself to set aside at least 10 minutes each morning to do something with intention, that helps you feel calm, brings you joy, or just makes you feel like you can handle whatever the universe throws at you today. It certainly does not have to look anything like mine or take as much time as mine does. Make it your own and make it something that you can and will do for the next 30 days. If you can do it for 30 days, it becomes a habit, and as long as it serves you, it could change your life.

If you do decide to take on this October challenge, let me know! Use #YWHMorningRoutine on social and tell me what your morning routine is!

I have created a cute printable that you can use to outline your morning routine! Print it out, write on it, stick it somewhere where you will see it every morning, and get your routine on! Click here to download!

morning routine worksheet

xo, Madeline

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