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5 Facts Friday - February 8, 2019

Since I have so many new faces over here since my 30-day recipe challenge, I thought we should get to know each other a little better! That’s why I am going to start a series called #5FactsFriday!

Each Friday, I will share 5 facts about myself, my life, or any other facts that I find interesting! 

I would love if you guys would share a few facts about yourself or anything you find interesting too! Either comment or do your own #5FactsFriday on your feed! 

Okay, now for the facts:

  1. My full name is Madeline Gray Miriani, soon to be Madeline Gray Wrubel! When I was younger, I used to hate that my middle name was the boring color gray, so my family friends started referring to me as Madeline Sage, which was my favorite color at the time. They still call me that to this day, even though I have come to appreciate my real middle name. 
  2. My favorite ice cream is TCBY mint chocolate chunk ice cream with dark chocolate chips, pecans, and peanut butter drizzled on top - in that order. I have this about once a week, sometimes twice if I’m lucky!
  3. I work at a professional development company for professors. My main role is handling the social media and marketing, which is something that I never went to school for, but something I enjoy! I also get to work from home 2 days per week, which is AMAZING. 
  4. I wake up at around 6-6:15 every weekday. It’s early, especially because I start work at 9:00 AM, but I love having time in the morning to read, meditate, and journal. Right now, I am reading Gabby Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back. For my meditations, I use the Calm App.
  5. My favorite podcast is My Favorite Murder. They make Thursday commutes so much more enjoyable. I am so excited to see them live at the end of the month!

I hope you learned a little something about me and that you feel inspired to share a little about yourself!

XO, Madeline

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